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            Lead Generating Websites For Real Estate Professionals....

Three easy steps to create your own lead generating real estate website in 2014.  


A complete & fully functional lead generating website with all of the features investors & Realtors need for their business. It's an unmatched real estate website.


Why don't we start with no set up fees & we'll give you a free domain name?


You read that right. No setup fees today & we pay for your website domain.


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 Real Estate Website - Real Estate Leads



Our website service was designed by real estate investors who, as we like to say..."Know Lead Generation".  In fact, we use online lead generation for our own real estate business, as well as, several more online businesses.

Setup Is Easy...1 Click Install Of All Of Our Real Estate Websites



 FREE UPGRADE IN 2014: Lead-Generating Marketing Videos

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Included With Our Real Estate Website Service:

- Free & Proven Marketing Material For Real Estate Professionals

- 3 Professional "Lead-Generating" Real Estate Videos


All sites come with built in functions to generate leads from buyers, sellers, and real estate agents and a back office database to store all of the contact information. 



Our Lead Generating Websites Are Used By:

Real Estate Investors (Including wholesalers & rehabbers)

Realtors & Real Estate Brokers

Mortgage Professionals


Are You A Realtor?

We have it covered for Realtors. Everything is in place with our real estate websites to position your business as the "Distressed Property Expert" in your area, to generate more listings, and to build a bigger buyers list. 



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"How Easy Is It?"

All it takes is 3 steps and 10 seconds and your website is live!



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We Do More Than Websites...Full Service...And...Highly Effective Online Marketing


Real Estate SEO


Would Page 1 Of Google Help Your Real Estate Business?

It Sure Would Help!!!


Page 1 of Google? We Can Get You There!  


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Lead Generating Websites

 NOPsites is a complete lead generating website service with unmatched marketing help. 

Squeeze pages and autoresponders are already installed on several pages.  Free reports are in place and ready to send to your visitors as an incentive to leave their contact information.   Not just a website.  It's a completely automated lead generation system. 

Professionally created real estate investor website to give your business a quality marketing tool that promotes credibility and generates leads. 

We developed complete website templates that have all of the components you need for a real estate business. You can set it up right here and have your website on the internet today.  All you need to do is enter your contact information and text.  You can also add additional pages and modify these templates to make your website 100% unique.

NO Setup Fees!

Free Domain & Hosting
Real Estate Templates
Lead Generating Pages

Instant Setup In Seconds

Free Autoresponder
Free Reports Installed
Back Office Database


Special Promotion: Free domain name & we waived the $249 setup fee.......

Easy 1-2-3 Setup.  Choose a domain.  Pick a template.  Enter information.  Three easy steps. No HTML or technical experience needed.  Anybody can do it.  From start to finish in under 30 seconds.  Do it all right here. 

Your backoffice has a user-freindly "Website Builder" software that gives you complete control over your entire website and all pages.  You can change the look, colors, font and text at any time.  You can drop in graphics and video.  You can add pages or even change the template.  Everything can be accomplished with just a few clicks on our site.

It all starts by just signing up and picking a template. 


New Templates - Short Sale Specific Websites (Realtors & Investors) 

20+ new "short sale specific" website templates are available 

Real Estate Investor Website



All of the real estate designs are complete real estate websites with all of the Reports, Autoresponder, Database & Hosting in place.


 Real Estate Website - Real Estate Leads


Additional website features are explained below:


Autoresponder - Typical autoresponder service costs more than the entire cost of your business-ready website from

Internet marketing is a crucial ingredient for a successful real estate business. Your website should not only help manage your business but also promote it.  It should have functions that will generate leads for your business.  This is what our autoresponder will do for you.   

Autoresponders are already set up to automatically deliver messages and reports on the Buyer, Seller, and Realtor "squeeze pages" of your site.  Visitors are encouraged to enter information in order to receive informative reports.  Autoresponder takes over and sends the report and your custom message.  Contact information is stored in your back office database.  

Autoresponder Features Include:

Drip Email Campaign - Automatically send a series of emails to your leads.  You ctonrol the time and dates the emails go out.  Excellent for building relationships with buyers AND sellers.  This automated feature "turns leads into sales".

Email Blast - Send a mass email to all of your leads. Great for marketing a new listing or property.  Push one button and all of your buyers know about your new property.

Newsletters - HTML editor sends Newsletter-type emails with graphics/photos. 

Property Flyers - Sell more properties! Email property flyers with photos and property details. 

What is a Squeeze Page? - It's your on-line lead generation system. 

A real estate business needs leads, right?  Shouldn't your website have the necessary functions to generate these valuable leads?  Of course it should.  That's what a real estate squeeze page accomplishes for you. 

A squeeze page is a web page that is specifically designed to compel visitors to opt in to your web site. A well-designed squeeze page can convert as many as half of the people who visit into opt in email list subscribers and valuable leads.  This page has an "opt in box" that captures visitor contact information and stores it.  It also leads to your autoresponder to deliver a message or product.  In our case the product is the informative reports.  These reports are used to entice visitors to opt in to your squeeze page.

Every successful real estate investors uses squeeze pages to generate leads.  It's an absolute must if you want to build a high volume business in real estate in 2011.

Free Reports installed and delivered to visitors from your autoresponder. 

Why would a website visitor input their contact information?  The visitor may need your services, interested in becoming a part of your buyer list, or interested in receiving one of your appealing and informative free reports. 

We have a report preinstalled into your realtor, buyer, and seller pages.  These are recently updated 2013 reports that are automatically sent to your website visitors in return for their contact information.  This is a proven method of lead generation for successful real estate investors and Realtors.


real estate investor website

There are the same reports we use in our business.  They work & produce leads. These reports can be customized with your contact information and company logo. 


3D Covers: New Reports Are In Place 

2012 Reports From NOPsites

Back office database in place to store seller leads such as short sale prospects, buyer leads, and your team of realtors.

Back office allows you to store your valuable leads.  You can manage your lists, export your leads, develop a newsletter, and view traffic statistics to your site.  Immediate email notification is sent to you each time a new lead is stored in your database.   


10 email accounts with each site.  You can upgrade if additional email accounts and storage is required. 

Forget the yahoo, gmail, and hotmail accounts.  Each site has 10 email accounts with your unique domain(example:  Anti-Spam feature.  Webmail allows you to check you accounts from any location.  You can read, send, and reply to your messages from any computer.  Just login to your webmail account.  

Marketing help provided with articles and tips that work in 2014.

After you join, you'll have access to our marketing series on promoting your real estate investor website.  It includes video clips and current marketing tips on maximizing website exposure, driving traffic to your site, capturing and developing leads, and several of the best methods to build your real estate business.   This marketing alone is worth several times the cost of the entire lead generating system. 

Short Sale Specific SEO Marketing

Delivers fresh and unlisted short sale leads directly to your computer.  There are over 50,000 searches each month for the term "Short Sale".  Thousands more each day search Google and Yahoo for terms such as "sell my home".  We make it easy for the people searching these key terms and more to find your website. 

Includes video on how to setup $75 worth of FREE Google Pay-Per-Click Ads.

You can use these Pay Per Click Ads for short sale leads, buyer leads, or any kind of real estate lead.

Free Real Estate Ads


Realtor Video Presentation

For real estate investors, a video designed to recruit Realtors to your real estate investment team.  Are you looking to Realtors to provide short sale leads?  This informative video will help.  It outlines all of the benefits for a Realtor when working with a short sale investor.  This 45 minute video also covers the impact of the January 2010 FHA waiver on 90 day seasoning as well as the Freddie Mac Bulletin on "Legitimate Property Flips". 


Investor Guide: Working with Realtors

More for Investors.  This guide details the best methods for working with Realtors today.  This guide outlines how successful short sale investors are working with Realtors to generate leads.   


NEW ADDITION - Full Service SEO Marketing

We now offer a full service SEO Marketing Help for our users. If you choose this service we will assign a marketing representative to customize and impelment your online marketing.  Nobody in the country offers this kind of full service SEO Marketing help for investors.  Scroll down for more SEO info.   Or click the "SEO" link on our website for more information

What About Wholesale Leads? 

Use our "Wholesaler Report" to generate leads from motivated sellers. If you're a real estate investors and looking for wholesale leads this will work for you. 

The lead generating pages work the same for short sale leads, wholesale leads, or building your buyers list.

Use our marketing help to drive targeted traffic of motivated sellers & buyers to your lead capture pages.

Website visitors see the informative guide.

They enter their contact information to receive the guide.

Your website saves the lead information in your database.

Your autoresponder delivers a custom email message and the informative guide to your new lead.

You get an email sent to you that your website just generated another lead.

All of this is in place for you.  A complete lead generating system that builds instant credibility with all of your website visitors.  

Sign up now and your lead generating system will be ready in just a few minutes.


Hosting included. No additional charges for hosting. 

Not only do we provide the complete turn key system we also provide professional hosting services with guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.   No hidden fees.  Start today and pay only $23.95 each month for the entire lead generating system and marketing material.


No setup fee & free domain.  A small monthly fee covers everything. Only $23.95 per month for the entire website package and lead generation system.  That's less than 80 cents/day. 

We have created the perfect addition to your business.  It's complete with all of the design components, content pages, feedback forms, and marketing you need to take your real estate business to a much higher level.  Just click below to get started.



A quick lesson: How to generate 40+ leads a month? 

Just click on the picture below to get the link to a free video that explains how one of our customers generates 40+ leads/month. 


how to find short sale leads

    These Marketing Techniques Still Work In 2014.  

And...They Can Be Used For Any Type Of Real Estate Lead







 2014 Real Estate Marketing Help

 New marketing help designed to help you generate more leads (including how to use "Mobile Marketing" for your real estate business).  

This is exclusive marketing material for our users only.





We'll give you a free subscription to our ForeclosureAlert Newsletter.

Just for visiting our site today. This free newsletter provides up to date information on foreclosure trends, issues in housing, tips on investing, and real estate opportunities throughout the country and with our company New Outlook Properties.  New issues are sent every 2-4 weeks.  

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Think about the value of a quality lead? 

What price do you put on a fresh and unlisted lead? 

What price do you put on 20...30...40+ fresh leads each month? 

It's worth a lot more than the small monthly cost of this real estate website service.  Follow our marketing plan and this new stream of fresh leads will provide one of the best returns for your real estate business. 

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Real Estate Website

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Real Estate SEO - Get To Page 1 Of Google!

We provide a lot of free marketing help, videos, and guides in our client area.

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