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How to find real estate leads?  Buyer leads? Seller Leads? Short Sale Leads?

Leads! Leads! Leads!  How to Generate Real Estate Leads?

Is there anything more important for your real estate business? The answer is no!  When you have a steady influx of leads your business is more profitable, more enjoyable, and free of any stress.  

We all know deals can fall apart at anytime.  When it happens and it's your only deal in the pipeline then you have some trouble with your business.  That isn't the way you want to work, is it?  That isn't working smart.

When you have 20-30 qualified leads in your pipeline you have a legitimate real estate business.  And you sure don't have to worry about one deal making or breaking your entire month or quarter.  One deal in the pipeline is not a's just deal.  Many people are fine with working just one deal at a time but the huge mistake they're making is they can produce a lot more income without spending much money or any extra time. 

A few smart decisions with the direction of your business and you can increase your lead generation and closing rate.  We can help with both of these key areas.

KEY AREA 1: It all starts with the leads.

Let's point out the obvious: Every successful real estate investor(and Realtor) has a steady stream of leads coming into their business.  If you don't...we need to change it...and we can RIGHT NOW!

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways to produce a steady flow is with the real estate website service by

These websites were designed with proven methods of lead generation.  Methods that are working in 2013.

In addition, your website will add instant credibility to your business.  Credibility is important. It helps generate leads and increase your production.

Back to value, what kind of value do you place on a lead?  Is it $500?  $5000?  $50,000?

One real estate lead can generate thousands in revenue for you.  There is value with each and every lead.  And it's vital to your success that you have all of the systems in place to maximize your lead production.  If you don't you're not working in the most efficient manner. 

Setting up a lead generation system like these websites will set a strong foundation to working smart and improving your business.  A large majority of your business, such as marketing your business and selling property, should be centered around your website. 

Your business cards.  Your proposals to agents and homeowners.  Meetings with buyers.  Everything should at some point come back to your website in some way.  Your website should peak interest from potential clients, capture and store leads, and, most importantly, help to close business for you.

An effective lead generating website is a must to achieve true success in the real estate business. 

So get started today with our service.  Get started now so you can start working on 20-30 fresh leads each month. It's the best and most important ingredient to your future success. 

KEY AREA 2: Having the infrastructure in place to handle 30+ new leads each month.  And you want to do it with very little cost and out of pocket expense, isn't that correct? The answer is strategic partnerships to outsource some of the work.  We can help here. 

For an endoresment of our product go to this Real Estate Investor Website



Real Estate SEO Marketing

We have a full service SEO program to help place your website at the top of Google, Bing, & Yahoo.  It's important that buyers and sellers can find you.  Using our real estate SEO program will make it easy for them to find your business.

This is an exclusive service for users of  To learn more visit: Real Estate SEO

Short Sale Software 

Forget the $1000 up front and $97/month charge that every 'short sale builder' website charges.  There is no need to spend that kind of money on a short sale management system. 

Our online tracking system will not only store the entire short sale package but it also handles all of your customer service with agents and homeowners.  This service provides both email updates and password access for all parties involved with each short sale file.  It's a centralized short sale management center that allows investors to focus more of their time and efforts on developing new business. 

Watch Video For More Details:  Short Sale Software

FUNDING - Are you new to investing? 

We have some resources in our client area to help.  To get started signup for your lead generating real estate website at  Click Here To Get Your Website

For more information on the services we provide to real estate investors please contact us today.






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