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Q: What about adding pages to promote the sale of my properties?  

A: Only takes a couple of clicks to add complete property pages to your website.  Add several pictures of each property.  Add property information and details.  Add a full investment pro forma on any property.  It only take a few minutes.  It isn't just "Property Pages".  You can add any kind of page you need.


Q: Can I use your website package with my existing domain name?   

A: Yes.  You can keep your domain but use our lead generation website.  This is very easy to do in the control panel of our web builder.  During the signup process you'll have an option to use an existing domain.  It will look like this:








Just click this button you see in the screenshot above & enter your existing domain name.  This will allow you to setup our website service on your existing domain name.


Q: Are there any contracts?  Can I cancel at any time? 

A: No contracts.  No long term commitments.  You can cancel the service at any time.  Please email us here to cancel:


Q: Can I export the leads?

A: Yes, of course.  All of the leads are stored in your database.  You have a database for buyers, sellers, and Realtors. One click will download the leads and contact information.


Q: How long does it really take to set up? 

A: It depends on what you plan to add and edit.  The templates are pre-installed with all of the key pages, reports, graphics, custom forms, and text used by real estate investors.  If you decide to keep it 'as is' it will take you less than 30 seconds to have your site on the internet. 

After signup just watch the "Introduction Video".  This video will show you just how easy it is to setup your wesbite.  THe video walks you through the easy steps.


Q: How do I promote the website and have it listed on search engines such as Google & Yahoo?  

A: All new clients have access to our free marketing material.  We have a series on website promotion including how to get listed with the major search engines.  It isn't difficult.  You are also automatically subscribed to our free ForeclosureAlert Newsletter for additional tips on lead generation and 'what's working in the real estate industry in 2009'.


Q: Do you provide full service SEO marketing help?  

A: Yes we provide real estate SEO services.  Our marketing material will show you how to do it yourself at no cost.  If you're too busy and want somebody to hadle the website promotion for you just contact us and ask about the SEO Help. 


Q: What makes your real estate website package valuable to me?  

A: It was developed for real estate investors and designed by real estate investors.  It includes all of the necessary components of an effective real estate investor website.

Do you value quality leads for you business?  And you really value them when the overall cost is extremely low to generate these leads, isn't that right?  This is why our system is valuable to you.  More leads means more business.  With everything already in place and automated you don't spend money OR time to generate these leads.

This service is not just a real estate investor website. It also comes with a short sale specific marketing plan.  It comes with tips and guides to help new and seasoned investors improve their business, generate leads, build a buyers list, and much more.

The free reports are also a gold mine.  These are not generic "Sell Your Home in 7 Days" reports from 2007.  These are updated 2011 reports with current information that is extremely helpful to sellers, buyers, and realtors.  Plus, you can customize the reports and add your contact information and company logo.real estate investor website

Use these reports as part of your entire marketing program. 

Are you marketing on the internet?

Are you doing direct mail marketing? 

Advertising in newspapers?

Increase your response rate by offering the informative & free report as incentive to homeowners to go to your site and leave their contact information.  This works!  It improves your response rate and increases your lead production. We explain all of this in the marketing guides.  

The 2011 "Short Sale Facts" report can also help at homeowner meetings.  Print it out. Bind it up.  Add it to your short sale presentation.  Give it to homeowners with your business card.  It adds professionalism & credibility to your business.

In addition, each customer has the opportunity to partner with us.  Contact us for more details about a partnership "where we close the deals for you".

We will also send you helpful tips for your business in our newsletter.

There's a lot of value for $23.95.

And finally, we provide provent maketing guides with your service.  We currently work with 100's of real estate investors.  Through our free marketing guides, we pass on the things that are working in 2010.  By following our marketing plan you'll see a steady stream of leads at a cost that is impossible to beat.

With no set up fee, free domain, and only $23.95/month you can't find a better product in the country for your real estate business.  Sign up today and improve your business.  If you're using something else just cancel and sign up with us.  Our product is better AND it saves money.  That should be enough to make the decision for you.


Q: What other services do you provide?  

A: We're real estate investors too.  We partner up with investors all over the country. 

We have an online short sale software that helps save, increase efficiency, & produce leads. 

Check out our Short Sale Software at our promotional website:

Free Video on this site explains how our software can help your business:

We also have access to low cost funding and private lending sources.  We handle short sale negotiations.  Are you looking to expand your business?  Contact us immediately and we'll give you all of the details.

Use the "Contact Us" form for more information.

Q: Do you provide coaching for new real estate investors?  

A: Yes we do.  We have an in depth program that provides the necessary support to start and run a successful short sale business.  A complete business package without the high price tag that every other real estate 'guru' charges.   If you want to learn more please email us and we'll send you the details on our business package.


Q: Can I make custom templates with the website service?  

A: Yes. Web builder has a function for advanced users to build their own templates.  You can design your own template and easily drop in the squeeze page, forms, and reports on as many pages as you need.  

In May 2010, we added over 20 new real estate templates.   We now have over 50.  You will probably find something you like with the existing templates.

Real Estate Investor Website













You can also work with existing templates and change the background color, font, etc.


Q: Are there any hidden fees?  

A: No hidden or additional fees.  There is no fee for domain registration.  We waived the setup fee.  Pay just $23.95 today & you have your own lead generation website and updated 2011 marketing material for your real estate business.


Q: Does it work for wholesalers?  How to Find Wholesale Leads

A: Yes it does.   If you're a wholesaler or rehabber, the lead generation is the same.  Just use the Wholesale Report you see right here.

Use the "How To Sell Fast" guide on your lead capture pages.

Our marketing material also works for the wholesale business.

If you signup for our SEO service you need to complete an "SEO Sheet".  On this sheet we ask you a few questions about your business and the type of leads you need for your real estate business.

Just tell us you are looking for wholesale deals and we'll develop your marketing campaign to locate wholesale deals in your target market.

Q: Do you have updated 2011 reports and graphics?  

A: Yes we do.  Here is an example right here:



Q: What do I need to do to get started?  

A: Click the "Sign up" or "Start Now" button below.  It will take you to the registration page.  First thing you need to do is select your package.  Next step is selecting your domain.  You can do all of that on our site including your domain search.

Click here to setup your real estate website today: