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That's right.  Just 3 easy steps.  You're just a few steps and a few minutes away from adding the best lead generating real estate website service in the country. 

No Setup Fee. Free Domain Name. Easy Setup. Hosting Included. And Much More. 

Leads are the backbone of your business.  For pennies/day our lead generating website package will prove to be a valuable asset for your real estate business.

Our web builder was designed with two goals in mind:

1. Meet the needs of successful real estate investors.

2. Make it easy to setup and edit a fully functional website.

We have accomplished both goals.  The setup only takes these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Choose a Domain....And We Pay For It!

You can choose and register your domain name right here.  That's right.  Right here on  Don't go to another site to register the domain.  Do it here and we will pay for the domain and register it for you. 

Keep your domain name short and keep it simple.  Try to stick with the ".com" ending. Use your company name, an abbreviated version of your company name, or use a term related to real estate.  For example, drop the term "short sale" "real estate", "buyer", etc. in the domain. 

When you click "Signup" to get started you will be able to search for an available domain.  Disregard the listed fee of $12.95 to register the domain.  That $12.95 fee won't be there when you complete the signup.  Once again, we will pay for your domain.

Once you have your domain just complete the signup at  After you signup it's on to step 2. 

Step 2: Pick a Template.

Real estate and business themed templates are in place.  All of them are pre-loaded with squeeze pages, free reports, and real estate investor related content.  Just click on a template you like and move on to step 3.  It's that easy.  Once you're finished with step 3 you can easily go back and change templates without any loss of website text and information.  

real estate investor website













Over 50 real estate templates in place including 20+ "Short Sale Specific" templates.


real estate investor websites













Just pick a template and click "continue".   It's that easy.  You can add new pages later.  You can change background colors or templates at any time with just a click of a button.

Step 3: Edit Text.

Each website is pre-installed with real estate related text on all of the appropriate pages.  You can leave this text in place, edit portions of it, or replace all of it.  If you can type you can develop and customize your website right here.  Nothing else is required.

In most cases, our users do not even edit the text or make changes.  They simply pick a domain, pick a template, and click "continue" and the website is up. 

Creating a lead generating real estate based website has never been easier.  All you need to do is click on the sign up button below to begin. 






When you go to the signup page be sure to choose one of the packages and hit "Click to Continue".  This will provide you with the free domain registration.

NOTE: You will see a $12.95 charge for the domain.  This charge will not be on the final invoice before purchase.  Just disregard it and click continue.  We pay for it.

AFTER SIGNUP?  You have access to all of the marketing and more on our client page. 

If you need help or have a question?  Just use the support ticket in the client area for a quick response.

Click the "Sign Up Now" button above to get started with the best lead generating real estate website service in the country.  Unmatched value.  Unmatched service.