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            Lead Generating Websites For Real Estate Professionals....

  Two Packages


We offer 2 affordable website packages with complete web building functions.  

Each package comes with the easy to use control panel to setup your real estate site in just a few seconds. Our website builder is as easy to use as MS Word or any word processor. Just type, click, and save. It's really that easy. There is NO software to download or install and you don't need any HTML experience.

All websites have all of the tools already in place for an effective lead generating real estate website. 



Both the Gold and the Platinum packages come with pre-installed squeeze pages with custom forms and an autoresponder.   Three seperate webpages offer reports to your visitors to help build your business.  You can change these reports and add your own with just a couple of clicks. 

Over 60 Real Estate Websites are available for you.  We have Short Sale Websites, Real Estate Theme Websites, & more.  We have websites for any type of real estate business.


Real Estate Websites


If you need a real estate website to generate online business, produce new leads, and develop a list of buyers, then we have the solution for you.


Here are the packages.  You can upgrade at any time.



Gold Package: Website with up to 10 pages.  10MB Storage, 10GB Bandwith, 10 email addresses with autoresponder.  Only $23.95


Platinum Package: Website with unlimited pages. 100MB Storage, 20GB Bandwidth, 100 email addresses w/ autoresponder.  Only $29.95


              Both packages come with FREE domain registration. 

After you choose your domain you will see a $12.95 fee for the domain.  Disregard this fee and continue to the next step.  The domain fee will not be there when you make your purchase.





Additional Features:

Technical Support - 7 Days a Week
Fast replies to all technical support questions.  Use the "Support Ticket" function for a quick reply to any questions about your website service.   

Change your site design as often as you like!
Looking for a change? Don't like your existing design? No problem! You can change your site design any time you like, as often as you like and you will NOT lose your existing content! There is NO charge for changing your site design & it is very easy to do.

Update your website anytime & anywhere!
Want to make a quick change to your website? No problem! Because our website builder is online you can login, update and add pages to your site from anywhere - an internet cafe, your office, your home or a friends house. All that is required is that you are using a PC and version 5.5 of Internet Explorer or above.

Build and create custom forms
In many cases the hardest area of setting up a new website is creating forms that mail back to you. We have this covered for you with three preinstalled forms that are laready in place on every template.  However, you may need more. The web builder provides a form builder - it's easy to use and takes less than a couple of minutes to set up a form. In addition we also include a number of standard forms (such as contact us) which will let you get started quickly.

Full spell check
The web buider includes a spell checker for the pages you create - once you've created your page run the spell check and this function will quickly check each word.

MySQL database - full database functionality
Each site includes a MySQL database. You can use this to run popular forum software such as VBulletin or phpBB or you can develop your own custom based applications that run from a database. We also include myphpadmin to administer your MySQL database over the net.

HTML Editor
If you require access to the actual HTML for your site (e.g. to insert some custom code or script) - no problem! The editor includes a full html colour coded editor so you can work with HTML if you need to.

Professional Windows2003 Hosting
Our Website Builder runs on top of the range Windows 2003 servers. Our network is second to none and our uptime is guaranteed at 99.99%.


Email Features:

Full Service Autoresponder
Extremly valuable for lead generation and lead conversion.  It's all automated to build a relationship with your leads via a drip email campaign.  Users can also "bulk email" to all leads in the database.  Build & send property flyers, send newsletters and more.

Lead Database
3 distinct databases to store and manage your leads.  Each database has the autoresponder function that allows drip emails, mass email, and newsletter type emails.

Dedicated pop3 mailboxes
With you can have up to 10 pop3 email boxes with the Gold package and up to 100 with the Platinum package.

Anti-Spam feature
Our email system automatically deletes all KNOWN spam as soon as it is received and it never enters your email inbox. In addition, mail it suspects of being spam is flagged in the subject header as spam and will be sent to you. You can then setup a filter to auto-delete or place this mail in another folder if you are using most popular email programs.

Webmail - read and send your mail from the web
Our Website Builder provides you with a webmail account that you can log in online and read/send/reply to email - it's just like Hotmail!


And More:

Real Estate Templates
Over 60 real estate templates.  "Push button"setup in seconds.  All templates have text, graphics, free reports, autoresponder, and datbase in place.  Hosting is included too.

Instant Setup
After signup, it only takes a few clicks to get your new lead generating real estate website live and on the internet.  "How To" videos on how to edit are also provided.


New Bonus:

Online Short Sale Software
FREE Short Sale Software!  Other charge $1500/year for this valuable real estate busoiness tool.  We are now giving it to you!    

Click Here For Details:  Short Sale Software


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