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Do You Want Your Website On Page 1 Of Google?

We Can Get You There!

Our PROVEN real estate SEO services is the most important marketing tool you can add to your real estate business.  "Proven?" What kind of proof do we have?  This short video will provide all of the proof you need.

*** We Do It All For You! ***

Check Out The Short Video - We Have A Summary And FAQ Below



Real Estate SEO Highlights - Here Is A Recap Of What We Can Do For You

More Traffic To Your Website

More Leads

More Sales

More Buyers

More Business

Delivered To You At The Lowest Price In The Country



Realtor SEO  Here is the screenshot of our keywords and the results













Please check our results.  High search engine ranking for these competitive keywords.

You can start with a search of:


"real estate squeeze page"


"real estate investor website"


"real estate investing website"


What you will find is Millions of Hits & NOPsites on page 1 of Google!

We can put your website on page 1 too!



NEXT...What We Do For You

What do we do for your business? The same "SEO For Real Estate" work we do for our business and websites. 

We provide a "full service" Real Estate SEO marketing program specifically designed for your business. It includes real estate article writing, press releases, video marketing, and more. 


SEO For Realtors










Our Proven Results Will Improve Your Real Estate Business 


Finally....Some Frequently Asked Questions....


Q: Why is our Real Estate SEO successful?    A: Two key advantages explain it:

Industry Knowledge - We specialize in real estate and internet marketing.  We provide a number of services to real estate investors and Realtors.  We are very familiar with every aspect of the real estate industry and the target audience for your real estate website.   This gives us a leg up on typical SEO services.

Proven MethodsWe are well past the "trial and error" stage with REAL ESTATE SEO. We have successfully implemented "real estate specific" SEO for our business and many others.  We know what works in the real estate SEO market and we apply our knowledge, success, and experience to your real estate website.


Q: Does this "SEO For Real Estate" really work?    A: More proof below:









This graphic above is the actual screenshot of Google's "Keyword Research Tool" 

This SEO tool from allows us to search a keyword term such as "Real Estate Investor Website".  One of the things Google provides with this tool is a ranking of the competition from other websites for this keyword.  As you can see, the term "Real Estate Investor Website" was ranked "High Competition" by Google.  In fact, its very high.

What does this mean?

It shows there is a tremendous amount of competition to get to the top of Google for this keyword term.  The SEO work for our website at put us on page one of Google for this & many more highly competive keyword terms.

In summary...IT WORKS!

And we do the same work for you!  


Q: Why is it so inexpensive?    A: This is a common question for all of our real estate services.

With our Real Estate SEO Services, we have a cost-effective system in place that works and we deliver it to you at the lowest possible cost.  We outsource some of the work overseas which saves money.  This helps. But the real key is the real estate SEO system that we have in place after many months of fine tuning.  We do the work at a highly efficient rate which saves even more money.  

Our Real Estate SEO service is an exclusive service that is only available for users of real estate website service at or our Short Sale Software at We pass these savings on to our existing clients.

The cost is only $99.95 to start.  After 30 days the monthly cost is only $49.95.  No long term contracts. You can cancel at any time.


Q: How do I signup?    A: You do that right here. Just click "SIGNUP" at!

Our inexpensive but highly effective SEO marketing is only available for our clients.  For existing clients just order the "SEO Marketing" in the client area. 

Not a client of NOPsites?  Just signup and become a client.

Two options for you: 

      1. Signup for the lead generating real estate website service at You can find all of the details on our home page.  There is no setup fee. We provide a free domain name. We host the website. And it comes with a backoffice database, autoresponder and much more.  The cost: It starts at only $23.95/month.  Please go to the home page for more. 

Here is the link to our home page:  Just click "SIGNUP" to get started.

      2. Signup for our online short sale software.  This software builds short sale packages in seconds, provides online updates for all parties in the transaction, and makes it much easier to track all of your short sale files.  It's also a terrific business building tool.  Once again, there is no setup fee. With the coupon code the cost is only $29.97/month which is well below anything on the market right now. 

Here is a a video on the Short Sale Software and a coupon code:

Just signup with us and you can add the SEO Marketing today.


Q: What is the total monthly cost for everything?    A: Your total monthly expense is under $79.95/month.

The Real Estate SEO services are only $49.95/month. 

The cost for the real estate website varies between $23.95 and $29.95/month.  With the coupon code, the Short Sale Software is only $29.97/month.

Your total monthly cost for two valuable real estate services is under $79.95/month.  That, my friend, is called a bargain!

Important Tip: Do not think of the "Cost".  Think of the investment and return for your business.  What kind of return will you get on this investment?  Well, what is the value of page one of Google for your real estate business? 

More leads.  More listings. More buyers.  More sales.  More business.  More earnings.

These are the important things to consider.


Q: What if I am an existing client already?    A: Click below to go to the client area to signup.


SEO For Real Estate

The cost to add the Real Estate SEO service is only $99.95 to setup.  Monthly fee begins in 30 days at only $49.95/month.



Q: What do I do after signup?    A: Fill out an "SEO SHEET" about your business.

The SEO SHEET gives us feedback and information on the type of business you have, your location, and your needs.  After we get the SEO SHEET we quickly put together a marketing program specifcally for your real estate business, needs, website and location.


Now get started & add the most valuable marketing tool in real estate today to your business!


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